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third time charmed

11 August
I'm pretty friendly.
I like slash and humor and comics and randomness. I friend and defriend as my whims command. I suggest you do the same.
Right now, I'm also a little tired thoughtful.
Might I direct your attention here?
Enjoy your stay.
adaptations, afterlife, alanis morissette, ancient egypt, angel/spike, angel/spike/buffy, angelus, angelus/william, animation, archaeology, architecture, aromatherapy, art, banter, batman/nightwing, birds, bisexuality, blowupology, books, boring pretentious costume drama, boys in eyeliner, brian/justin, bruce/dick, building things, butiwannabeapirate!!1!, butterflies, candle warmers, catholics who aren't crazy, cedric/harry, chocolate/peanut butter otp, choral singing, civil liberties, comedy, comics, crappy pop music, def poetry jam, deliquient colors, digital photography, douglas adams, dreams, dvd commentaries, e.e. cummings, edgar allen poe, elizabethan drama, fairy tales, family, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, feminist theory, femslash, figure skating, fingers, food, football (american!), foreign people, forensic pathology, futurama, gale/randy, gambit/rogue, gastroliberation of food, gen, ghosts, giles, gypsies, harry potter, historical fiction, history, horror films, horses, hot chocolate, house, i support good marriages, icons, impressionist art, ireland, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, john donne, languages, libraries, life, link/zelda, literature, london, love, margaret atwood, martial arts, meadows, medieval history, meta, monty python, movies, mulder&scully, music, musicals, mythology, new york, nine inch nails, old houses, omg, photography, poetry, pottery, power rangers, pretty people kissing, primary colors, psychology, puppies, queer as folk, queer theory, quills, quilts, reading, renaissance, rent, riley finn, romany, rome, sci-fi, scotland, sculpture, secondary colors, singing, slash, soulless redemption, spike, sunnydale, superheroes, supernatural thrillers, sylvia plath, tarot, terry pratchett, the mayor, the tick, threesomes, toes, travel, twins, urban exploration, vampires, viggo/orlando, watercolors, why god why, williow, wisconsin, writing, yellow flowers, zombies, zoos


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